Vending Machine Jealousies

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“Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks – you can get all those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist?”

Guess what? The vending machine of my dreams already exists! Unfortunately, it does not exist within a hundred mile radius of where I live…or 300 mile radius for that matter. In Geoghegan’s article, he describes the history of book vending machines and includes images of where they can be found – mostly in different European cities (thus adding another reason why I need to find an excuse to live abroad again). This summer I’ve been spending more money on my addiction than ever, as evidenced by my goodreads activity feed (as seen in at the bottom left of page). But more so, the idea that people can easily go and buy a top-selling paperback novel is just wonderful. Yes, I recognize that this vending machine would really just satisfy one niche audience. Yes, I recognize that my desire for this machine is purely selfish…but screw it. I want a book vending machine!

I could continue to rationalize how literacy would steadily improve and book sales would increase due to the availability of books at a lower cost. But no, I want this machine to help satisfy my addiction. I’ve been on vacation for nearly 3 weeks and I’ve already read 8 books and am reading more. I would happily wait in line to purchase a book from this vending machine or sit by the book slot to catch a whiff of a new crisp book. Can’t you just imagine the smell? Ugh…so good. I could see myself sitting on the floor by the machine, reading book, and then buying another in an endless cycle for the rest of the summer…happily supporting the economy, literacy, and my all-consuming addiction.

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Book 4 of YA for Adults Book Challenge

"The Book Thief" by reaper-gal93 on

“The Book Thief” by reaper-gal93 on

Title: The Book Thief

Author: Markus Zusak

As I’m writing this review, I’m already building a pillow fortress to protect myself from your thoughts. As much as I enjoyed the characters, the wonderfully writing, the original plot, but…I wanted more. I felt like I needed more to like it more. It was an enjoyable book, but it was just fine.

I really enjoyed the way that it was written. The going back and forth between the protagonist and death’s point of view was well done. Their tales from the present and past, respectively, were interwoven very well. Yet most of the book was about these moments BEFORE we understood the meaning behind the “book thief” or before the Jew came to the house.

This was a book of beautiful moments and a wonderful concept…but I wish that the relationship between Liesel and Max was more developed. I don’t mean romantically…that’s just *unconsciously shivers* gross. I wish that there was more of a cohesive overall story arch. The book felt like a collection of poignant moments and nostalgic recollections. Beautiful and random.


Book 3 of YA for Adults Book Challenge

"5 Divergent Factions" by arelberg on

“5 Divergent Factions” by arelberg on

Title: Divergent (#1 of Trilogy)

Author: Veronica Roth

Ok, I feel that the vast majority of loyal-YA readers and occasional YA readers, alike, have read at least the first book of the Divergent series. I really enjoyed the world that Roth built. Beatrice and the other characters were well rounded and slowly developed throughout the book. Unlike other YA books/series, the love interest development between Tris and Four was slow building and believable. Each faction was well structured and built. We learn about Dauntless in detail in Divergent and visit the others in Insurgent (#2 of the trilogy). Roth does a great job in the first two books building up the great mystery that has befallen our great American society. As more is revealed about the characters, we follow in great anticipation to find out what will happen next. A YA book driven by plot? Did our dreams and hopes come true at long last? But don’t worry…Roth kills it all with the last book Allegiant (#3 of the trilogy). How so? Alternating POV’s with no real voice or difference, transparent  schemes, gaping holes in plot, constant let downs by the romantic lead, the ENTIRE ENDING of the 3rd book with the brother switch, the mother-in-law/mommy issues, etc.

I enjoyed both Divergent and Insurgent. They were a fun ride into a new world, but was completely let down by the third book. Oh Roth…did you give into YA peer pressure? Money making pleas by your publisher? I’m not sure what happened, but I feel like I could’ve read a fanfiction that could’ve better tied up all the plot holes left over in this book.

Book 2 of YA for Adults Book Challenge

"The Scorpio Races - Sean and Corr" by TechnicolorWings on

“The Scorpio Races – Sean and Corr” by TechnicolorWings on

Title: The Scorpio Races

AuthorMaggie Stiefvater

I feel like this book had a lot of promise…High stakes + adrelanine-junkie racing + violent flesh-eating horses = My total undivided attention…But for some weird reason, it never did. Not sure what was the exact reason, but here are a couple things that bugged me.

The story concept started off pretty strong. Puck Connolly, the main protagonist, wants to win the race in order to win enough money to save her parents’ home. Sean Kendrick, the second protagonist/love interest, wants to win his 5th race so he can buy the horse of his dreams. The entire fate of the island is based on the income the races bring to the island’s economy and people are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the horses will do. Other than the fact that was a serious LACK of people getting ripped apart by flesh-eating horses, the narrative became disjointed with the alternating POV – especially since they both sounded very similar. I had to constantly go back to the start of a chapter to remember who was speaking. Also, I did not feel emotionally invested in the characters. I wanted to believe and support Puck as she broke with tradition, but I just didn’t care. Overall, for a book that was supposed to be about this great deadly race, there were few deaths and lots of missing action.

If you were to check out, you’ll see on average the book does well with audiences (an average of 4.08 out of 5 stars). Friends that have read the book did enjoy it, so I say check it out and make your own decision. I personally didn’t enjoy it, but it doesn’t mean you won’t.

Glass Case of Emotion

“Which emotion(s) – joy, envy, rage, pity, or something else – do you find to be the hardest to contain?”

Lately, the most difficult emotion for me to suppress and hide is disgust. It’s such a pungent and visceral feeling. If I’m speaking with someone who I find repulsive, my face gives me away. I can’t help but feel the hairs raise on the back of my neck and wish with every fiber of my being that I want to run away from the person. It’s not that I feel that a person is beneath me. This disgust usually stems from either an action or something this person has said to me about someone else. I can’t be around people that make me feel that way.


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Stream of Consciousness

Darkening sky

Cold room

Walls slowly coming down


So much white


The story of our year together, so much as passed. A movie plays upon the wall keeping them entertained. The majority of them at least. Some of them will leave, and a few of them will stay on another year. It’s weird to think that they’d want to stay.

A shiver runs down my spine.

Why is it so cold in here?

I can’t wait for summer! Warm days, cool drinks, sand underfoot, loud music, road trips, hanging out with friends. As soon as I put my anklet on, I know its begun. I don’t put it on before summer officially starts – when the academic year is over. I don’t know. Feels like bad luck or something. Despite, everything I’d rather wait for a clean break from work before I start the summer.

A brand new day

A new beginning

Can’t wait


**Part of Writing 101 Challenge

Leaving a Legacy

“In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects – all are fair game.”

This is a tough one, a lot of pressure. As a saint, not only would I be forever remembered, but people would pray/turn to me in times of need. If I could choose…I would be the Patron Saint of Fandoms. My saint story would probably go something to the affect of…

There was once a young woman named Rebecca. Her heart and imagination were so big she read/watched as many books, television shows, and movies as time allowed. She was a Potterhead, Nerdfighter, Wedonite, Browncoat, Trekker, Buffista, Scoobie, Downtonian, X-Phile, Slythindor, Brony…to name just a few. She often spoke of her fanatical love for fictitious worlds and spread the word of fandoms. Often helping her friends, strangers, and students find new works of art that led them to find their own fandoms to join. As she was attending a fan club meeting, a strange man come up to her. He pulled a gun to her head and told her that if she disavowed her multiple fandoms he’d let her live, if not he would kill her. She refused. She began to recite of Joss Whedon quotes, sing Hank Green songs, explain the differences between the 4 HP houses, and argue who was the best MLP (Rarity, of course!). She was martyred for her beliefs. Now, when fanboys and fangirls ever feel defeated, bullied, or get into another squabble over who the best X is of their fandom – they turn to Rebecca, Patron Saint of Fandoms.

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