Leaving a Legacy

“In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects – all are fair game.”

This is a tough one, a lot of pressure. As a saint, not only would I be forever remembered, but people would pray/turn to me in times of need. If I could choose…I would be the Patron Saint of Fandoms. My saint story would probably go something to the affect of…

There was once a young woman named Rebecca. Her heart and imagination were so big she read/watched as many books, television shows, and movies as time allowed. She was a Potterhead, Nerdfighter, Wedonite, Browncoat, Trekker, Buffista, Scoobie, Downtonian, X-Phile, Slythindor, Brony…to name just a few. She often spoke of her fanatical love for fictitious worlds and spread the word of fandoms. Often helping her friends, strangers, and students find new works of art that led them to find their own fandoms to join. As she was attending a fan club meeting, a strange man come up to her. He pulled a gun to her head and told her that if she disavowed her multiple fandoms he’d let her live, if not he would kill her. She refused. She began to recite of Joss Whedon quotes, sing Hank Green songs, explain the differences between the 4 HP houses, and argue who was the best MLP (Rarity, of course!). She was martyred for her beliefs. Now, when fanboys and fangirls ever feel defeated, bullied, or get into another squabble over who the best X is of their fandom – they turn to Rebecca, Patron Saint of Fandoms.

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So it begins…

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a book vampire. Well er- a story vampire. The phrase “book vampire” was something my friends coined and call me, due to the fact that I seem to devour books on a weekly basis. I can’t help it. I love reading, but more than that I love diving into stories and living through the character. It’s probably why I love television so much. I’m crazy about the medium. Some people may think that television has killed reading for many generations, but I think it’s just the visualize extension on books.

Using this blog, I will chronicle my adventures in reading and “eating” new books and television shows. My usual genre-fares include – fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, drama, epics, and young adult fiction. Why YA you ask? I’m a secondary school teacher, so I like to know what my students are into and talking about. Besides…As long as you have a strong female protagonist  – to quote the film “She’s the Man” – I’m so there, it’s insane!