Book 4 of YA for Adults Book Challenge

"The Book Thief" by reaper-gal93 on
“The Book Thief” by reaper-gal93 on

Title: The Book Thief

Author: Markus Zusak

As I’m writing this review, I’m already building a pillow fortress to protect myself from your thoughts. As much as I enjoyed the characters, the wonderfully writing, the original plot, but…I wanted more. I felt like I needed more to like it more. It was an enjoyable book, but it was just fine.

I really enjoyed the way that it was written. The going back and forth between the protagonist and death’s point of view was well done. Their tales from the present and past, respectively, were interwoven very well. Yet most of the book was about these moments BEFORE we understood the meaning behind the “book thief” or before the Jew came to the house.

This was a book of beautiful moments and a wonderful concept…but I wish that the relationship between Liesel and Max was more developed. I don’t mean romantically…that’s just *unconsciously shivers* gross. I wish that there was more of a cohesive overall story arch. The book felt like a collection of poignant moments and nostalgic recollections. Beautiful and random.



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