Stream of Consciousness

Darkening sky

Cold room

Walls slowly coming down


So much white


The story of our year together, so much as passed. A movie plays upon the wall keeping them entertained. The majority of them at least. Some of them will leave, and a few of them will stay on another year. It’s weird to think that they’d want to stay.

A shiver runs down my spine.

Why is it so cold in here?

I can’t wait for summer! Warm days, cool drinks, sand underfoot, loud music, road trips, hanging out with friends. As soon as I put my anklet on, I know its begun. I don’t put it on before summer officially starts – when the academic year is over. I don’t know. Feels like bad luck or something. Despite, everything I’d rather wait for a clean break from work before I start the summer.

A brand new day

A new beginning

Can’t wait


**Part of Writing 101 Challenge


Sweet memories…

“Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?”

Both are wonderful in their own ways. Memories from our way past make us feel nostalgic for a time that is long gone.  Remembering my grandmother’s Christmas bonuelos (a dough-y Spanish pastry) packed tight into glass jars, hidden at the top shelf of her kitchen cupboard always manages to bring fresh tears to my eyes. I can remember the joy of discovering them, their sweet sugary taste, and the stickiness they left on my fingers – which is always how I got caught eating them before dinner. Knowing that even though I was surrounded by cousins I never felt These sort of memories shape our childhood, our values, the crux of who we are as people.

Our recent memories have shown us how we’ve grown. The great leaps and bounds we’ve made that we would’ve never thought possible in our younger, formidable years or achieving our dreams. Living abroad in Spain without a family member nearby is an experience that shaped me into becoming a more independent person. Traveling to South Africa for a safari only fueled my hunger for travel. With each new experience we become better and more rounded people.

*Note: This is in response to The Daily Post from 5/24/14.

Me talented? Eh, I try ;)

“What skill or talent do you wish you had? What skill or talent do you already have, and how do you use it?”


I wish I could be America’s next Top Chef! I love the Food Network and am always so intrigued by how easily these chefs are able to create just imaginative and savory sounding (I wish I could taste what they were cooking!) dishes. I can cook basic staple foods, but nothing too complicated. A talent that I am proud of would be my good balance. Having good balance helped me during my formative dance years, when I took 13 years of ballet and a hodge-podge of other dance styles, including jazz, tap, and lyrical. I still love to pick up a few dance classes in styles I’ve never tried before. The last style I tried out was Irish dance (soft shoe) – very fun, but I quickly learned I’m not built for it. Also, having good balance has helped my aim with archery and shooting. I want to continue working on my aim and have been thinking of ways to improve. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking yoga as a way to help improve my breathing technique and as a way to decompress…though I’m not sure if using yoga as a way to help my shooting would be an oxymoron. Oh well! 😀

*Note: This post is in response to Positively Smitten Magazine’s monthly writing prompt.

Mind Reader

“Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what the person is thinking right now.”


“Rebecca! Was David here last night,” I asked angrily throwing pillows back onto the couch. You have someone come every two weeks to help pick things up and your nephew stays over and throws a wrench in it all.

“Yes Papi,” called my daughter from the bathroom, “I was going to pick it all up when I got out.” I can hear the water turn off and watch her come out of the bathroom.

“You know I was invited to go on a hunting trip to Illinois.” Her eyes widen at the news. “That’s great Papi! You should go!”

“Yeah but,” I hesitate for moment. Should I tell her? “Well it’ll be a bow hunting trip and all I’ll be paying for is…” I continue to tell her the logistics of the trip, explaining and rationalizing how I can go on this trip while still being out of work. I pause for a moment and just look at her. She’s sitting at the kitchen table, with some inane women’s sitcom about shoes and dating, eating her fiber yogurt, staring right back.

“Do you want to go?”


“If you only have to pay airfare, are ok with shooting bow, and manage get the lottery permit – screw it – do it. Have fun.” And just like that she returns to watching her show with that curly haired, crazy faced woman. I smile. I can’t believe my prissy daughter actually enjoys hunting as much as I do.


*Note: This is in response to today’s daily prompt from The Daily Post.