About Me


After decades of obsessively watching television and reading everything within arms reach –  the majority of all my conversations, comments, arguments, and cultural references with friends and family revolve around my fascination with stories. I feed off of that wonderful feeling of delving into a new book or TV show…thus I am a story vampire.

Who am I?

I am an escapist who loves exploring new worlds in books and television shows. When I’m not off in far away fantastical lands, I am usually spending time with my friends and family – usually watching and arguing about said books and TV shows. I also like shopping, traveling, visiting new restaurants, watching plays, listening to music, and obsessing about one of my many fandoms. In the real world, I teach Social Studies and TV Production in Florida.

Contact Me

If you have a recommendation of a book or television show that you believe I’m missing out on, please let me know below in the comments below!


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