Sweet memories…

“Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?”

Both are wonderful in their own ways. Memories from our way past make us feel nostalgic for a time that is long gone.  Remembering my grandmother’s Christmas bonuelos (a dough-y Spanish pastry) packed tight into glass jars, hidden at the top shelf of her kitchen cupboard always manages to bring fresh tears to my eyes. I can remember the joy of discovering them, their sweet sugary taste, and the stickiness they left on my fingers – which is always how I got caught eating them before dinner. Knowing that even though I was surrounded by cousins I never felt These sort of memories shape our childhood, our values, the crux of who we are as people.

Our recent memories have shown us how we’ve grown. The great leaps and bounds we’ve made that we would’ve never thought possible in our younger, formidable years or achieving our dreams. Living abroad in Spain without a family member nearby is an experience that shaped me into becoming a more independent person. Traveling to South Africa for a safari only fueled my hunger for travel. With each new experience we become better and more rounded people.

*Note: This is in response to The Daily Post from 5/24/14.


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