Me talented? Eh, I try ;)

“What skill or talent do you wish you had? What skill or talent do you already have, and how do you use it?”


I wish I could be America’s next Top Chef! I love the Food Network and am always so intrigued by how easily these chefs are able to create just imaginative and savory sounding (I wish I could taste what they were cooking!) dishes. I can cook basic staple foods, but nothing too complicated. A talent that I am proud of would be my good balance. Having good balance helped me during my formative dance years, when I took 13 years of ballet and a hodge-podge of other dance styles, including jazz, tap, and lyrical. I still love to pick up a few dance classes in styles I’ve never tried before. The last style I tried out was Irish dance (soft shoe) – very fun, but I quickly learned I’m not built for it. Also, having good balance has helped my aim with archery and shooting. I want to continue working on my aim and have been thinking of ways to improve. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking yoga as a way to help improve my breathing technique and as a way to decompress…though I’m not sure if using yoga as a way to help my shooting would be an oxymoron. Oh well! 😀

*Note: This post is in response to Positively Smitten Magazine’s monthly writing prompt.



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