Mind Reader

“Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what the person is thinking right now.”


“Rebecca! Was David here last night,” I asked angrily throwing pillows back onto the couch. You have someone come every two weeks to help pick things up and your nephew stays over and throws a wrench in it all.

“Yes Papi,” called my daughter from the bathroom, “I was going to pick it all up when I got out.” I can hear the water turn off and watch her come out of the bathroom.

“You know I was invited to go on a hunting trip to Illinois.” Her eyes widen at the news. “That’s great Papi! You should go!”

“Yeah but,” I hesitate for moment. Should I tell her? “Well it’ll be a bow hunting trip and all I’ll be paying for is…” I continue to tell her the logistics of the trip, explaining and rationalizing how I can go on this trip while still being out of work. I pause for a moment and just look at her. She’s sitting at the kitchen table, with some inane women’s sitcom about shoes and dating, eating her fiber yogurt, staring right back.

“Do you want to go?”


“If you only have to pay airfare, are ok with shooting bow, and manage get the lottery permit – screw it – do it. Have fun.” And just like that she returns to watching her show with that curly haired, crazy faced woman. I smile. I can’t believe my prissy daughter actually enjoys hunting as much as I do.


*Note: This is in response to today’s daily prompt from The Daily Post.



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