So it begins…

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a book vampire. Well er- a story vampire. The phrase “book vampire” was something my friends coined and call me, due to the fact that I seem to devour books on a weekly basis. I can’t help it. I love reading, but more than that I love diving into stories and living through the character. It’s probably why I love television so much. I’m crazy about the medium. Some people may think that television has killed reading for many generations, but I think it’s just the visualize extension on books.

Using this blog, I will chronicle my adventures in reading and “eating” new books and television shows. My usual genre-fares include – fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, drama, epics, and young adult fiction. Why YA you ask? I’m a secondary school teacher, so I like to know what my students are into and talking about. Besides…As long as you have a strong female protagonist  – to quote the film “She’s the Man” – I’m so there, it’s insane!



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